Fancy Dress For Carers Week!

Fancy Dress For Carers Week!

Carers Week was celebrated on the 12th June until the 18th. It is a great initiative to show appreciation for all of the hard work that carers do and an acknowledgement of all of the challenges they face.

In the Hounslow branch, the staff organised a fancy dress party at Triscott House, which is one of our extra care schemes. Service Users and Care Staff were keen to get involved in the fancy dress spirit and enjoy themselves. Some Service Users were quoted as saying to our carers, 'It is nice to see you all making such an effort'. Furthermore, the Housing Team from Hillingdon Council also attended the event and enjoyed the festivities.

We would like to thank all of our carers for the great job that they do and the commitment they show caring for our Service Users. Special thanks to the Hounslow branch for going the extra mile and putting on such a great event.

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